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Jeff Bezos on Charlie Rose

Interesting comments by Amazon CEO and Founder Jeff Bezos last night as Charlie Rose interviewd him. Mr. Bezos mentioned the eventual merger of smart phones and social media linking to create a new experience... lots of potential!

Imagine being able to know via alerts on your GPS enabled phone which stores or places are "OK" by your friend's recommendations. -

Sample the future: use the google voice-activated phone FREE directory service:
link: http://www.google.com/goog411/

Social Networking

Since the advent of the internet ussage (via a graphica browser called MOSAIC in 1993) over 15 years have passed. Back then the universities and research groups shared their knowledge openly via trusted communities. In 1993 email SPAM was almost unknown. A lot has changed. Fast forward to last week when Facebook dealt with an outcry from their users regarding changing the potential ownership rights of the personal information and writings that they openly post to Facebook.

Lately many of my friends have invited me to join Facebook, Linked-In, and other social networking sites. So... I am jumping aboard- but with caution! - Mark S.

Online Publishing

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Starting down the path of online publishing: keeping the world updated on what is happening at visioncode LABS,  4insight.com, and factorof4.net

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